Orthopaedic Surgery is not just about performing surgery.

A surgeon’s work would be incomplete without the powerful touch of dedicated physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, however, physical distancing remains of utmost importance. I have been telling most of my patients to stay home and do their exercises themselves.

If you’re at home right now, it doesn’t mean that training your muscles and joints needs to be neglected. Let this be your own personal Orthopaedic gym.

Remember, to live is to keep moving!

Choose an Exercise


Knee osteoarthritis, Meniscus and ligament injuries, ACL tears, Knee Instability


Muscular back pain, Slipped disc and Sciatica, Lower back issues


Frozen shoulder, Rotator Cuff Tears, Shoulder Impingement and Tendinitis


Hip Osteoarthritis, Tears of the Labrum, Pulled Groin… and Nonspecific Hip Pain


Preventing back problems through good posture and habits

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Are you a happy patient?

While I do my best to provide cutting-edge orthopaedic surgical care, I firmly believe that God heals – I’m just here to help you on your body’s journey to recovery.

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