knee injections

Knee injections: An Introduction – Most people with knee pain have considered a knee injection at some point. Learn what it’s all about.

The word around town is that knee osteoarthritis (OA) means you have a low level of lubricative fluid or ‘oil’ or ‘minyak’ in the knee.So, it should be a simple matter to inject some new ‘oil’ into the knee to make it work like new again. Kind of like servicing your car every 10,000km… right?

Well, the knee is the most complex joint in the body, so the reality is not exactly that simple.

gels and lubricants

Knee injections: Lubricants & Gels – Viscosupplementation (or lubricative injections are the most common type of knee injection.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sticky substance naturally found in joint and cartilage tissue (in skin too), which makes it ideal to replenish low levels of synovial fluid inside an arthritic joint. The fluid’s viscous (thick) nature keeps it from leaking out of the joint – which helps the treatment to last longer.

prp and growth factors

Knee injections: PRP & Growth Factors – Healing from within the joint.

The human body is fantastically designed to take care of itself. Consider this common (enough) scenario:

When you accidentally fall and cut yourself, you bleed. Then your blood clots to form a scab – under the cover of which (seemingly by magic) a new layer of skin grows.

The good news is, your blood contains healing factors that can be extracted and used to help heal your joints.

stem cells

Knee injections: Stem Cells – The way of the future?

Immature – hardly a word you would like to be called. Far from something to get excited about.

But could immature cells… Stem cells… be the key that unlocks the door that lets incurable conditions like osteoarthritis out of our clinics (and lives)?

Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic.

knee injections - what to expect

Knee injections: What to expect?

So you have decided to have a knee injection done, and it’s tomorrow.

It’s normal to be a little nervous, but perhaps this instruction sheet may give you a little dose of confidence..