lower back pain

Lower Back Pain – 4 in 5 people have painful backs. But why?

When I was a young boy, all I did was lie around watching TV.

“No backbone” was a word my mum frequently used describing my invertebrate activities.

Well, as it turns out, the backbone is rather important… especially when it hurts!

dr putra vatakal, orthopaedic surgeon, kuala lumpur

The S shaped Spine – Does Scoliosis spell the end of a normal life?

Ah Girl sits in the padded office chair next to her anxious mother.

Cannot if don’t want to operate ah, Doctor? My friend’s wife is a doctor also— she said if do operation is so risky. Can die, can be paralyzed, must ‘matikan’ the joints in her spine then she cannot move…” says Mum.

Hot tears well in her eyes. “Last time she was so active in taekwondo and badminton, now she can’t stand properly, difficult to breathe when she has to run for sports. Aiyo, my Girl!”