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The Torn Meniscus – A painful knee can be a diagnostic challenge. Not all joint pains equal arthritis. 

Aisyah cradled her knee in her hands. Dr Nik Haziman crouched beside her on the wet grass of the rugby pitch, rummaging for an ice-pack. 

“I can carry on, Doc Nik,” Aisyah panted hard .

“Don’t let Coach take me out… please..” She said. 

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ACL and Ligament Injuries – This commonly torn ligament can spell the end of a career in sports unless properly treated.

Sweat dripped from his face as James zig-zagged his way through the other players. Heart racing, blood pulsing in his ears.

He swung his foot to ram the ball forward. A blur of movement, then a crash as two bodies collided. James fell over onto the wet grass. His ACL had popped.

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Rebuilding The Unstable Knee – The ‘whys‘ and ‘hows‘ of surgery for unstable knees.

As the nurses laid out the drapes and filled little steel pots with concentrated iodine, I ran my fingers along the pale scar on Azizul’s knee.

“I can feel the hamstring tendons there,” I called out to Dr Roshan. Unfortunately, they weren’t.

10 minutes later, the front of Azizul’s knee lay open, but the hamstring tendons were nowhere to be seen… gone in that long forgotten forklift accident. If we hadn’t been all scrubbed up, we would have scratched our heads in dismay.