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Knee Injections: What to Expect

Getting a knee injection is not very different from getting any other injection (e.g. a vaccination) A dog’s bark being worse than his bite, and all that- you’ll probably feel worse in your surgeon’s waiting room than while the needle is actually in your knee. The special thing about a knee injection is that everything […]

Knee Injections: Lubricants and Gels

Viscosupplementation is… a very long word you really don’t need to remember. It involves injecting a viscous (thick, gel-like) fluid into your joint to help it move efficiently with less pain. Which sounds simple enough – and many assume it’s a quick way to solve their knee problems – which is only partly true. True, […]

Knee Injections: An Introduction

A great many of my patients walk (when possible) into my clinic with knee problems.  I’m not surprised, because wherever we go -whether we sail or fly, drive or walk – our knees carry us along on our way. Not all knee issues are the same- some people have torn a ligament, and feel wobbly […]