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Knee Injections: What to Expect

Getting a knee injection is not very different from getting any other injection (e.g. a vaccination) A dog’s bark being worse than his bite, and all that- you’ll probably feel worse in your surgeon’s waiting room than while the needle is actually in your knee. The special thing about a knee injection is that everything […]

Stem Cells

Immature. Hardly a word you would like to be called. Far from something to get excited about. But could immature cells… Stem cells… be the key that unlocks the door that lets incurable conditions like osteoarthritis out of our clinics (and lives)? Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic. Though very likely not as dramatic as […]

PRP and Growth Factors

Roughly 10% of Malaysian adults have regular knee pain, and more than half of these are knee osteoarthritis (OA) We have discussed how knee OA is not just a lack of joint fluid, but also drying out & cracking of cartilage, and calcification (hardening) of the meniscus – which all cause pain. Hyaluronic Acid (HA)/viscosupplement […]

Knee Injections: Lubricants and Gels

Viscosupplementation is… a very long word you really don’t need to remember. It involves injecting a viscous (thick, gel-like) fluid into your joint to help it move efficiently with less pain. Which sounds simple enough – and many assume it’s a quick way to solve their knee problems – which is only partly true. True, […]

Knee Injections: An Introduction

A great many of my patients walk (when possible) into my clinic with knee problems.  I’m not surprised, because wherever we go -whether we sail or fly, drive or walk – our knees carry us along on our way. Not all knee issues are the same- some people have torn a ligament, and feel wobbly […]