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The Eye of the Needle

Little over a year ago, I was having a late work weekend when I got a call about an injured sailor on a ship newly docked in Port Klang. While I mulled over how to treat his hurt shoulder, it struck me that his Ship had started her voyage in the waters of Wuhan, China. […]

Knee Injections: Lubricants and Gels

Viscosupplementation is… a very long word you really don’t need to remember. It involves injecting a viscous (thick, gel-like) fluid into your joint to help it move efficiently with less pain. Which sounds simple enough – and many assume it’s a quick way to solve their knee problems – which is only partly true. True, […]

Rebuilding the Unstable Knee

Moving into a new phase of Malaysia’s war on COVID, one regularly forwarded phone message lists the DOs and DONTs of what is increasingly known as MCO 2.0. One item of interest to the more athletically inclined Malaysian is “What sports (or exercise) can I still do?” – which usually centres around jogging, badminton and […]